Rabu, 5 Ogos 2009


or in english, should I say,

..Peace be upon you..

Well, this post will be full english, just for your information. No, don't think that I've changed into an English freak or something else, just want to test my English(since I haven't written an essay lately).

Ok..before I begin writing(well, frankly speaking, a weird statement, because I already wrote some,oh well, whatever.I think I'm gonna change it)

Ok..before I continue writing(well, maybe better),just want to say sorry to all of you for not writing any piece of masterpiece(er..maybe not so appropriate)..sorry for not writing anything lately...

Well, there's a lot of activity going about for the last 2 months and I think i'm gonna write about it later..

For now..
Peace be upon you

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